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Summer Address:
      5300 W. Loveland Rd
      Madison, OH 44057

Summer 2017 Cedarbrook Camp™ of Ohio
Online Camper Registration Form

You must provide a valid email address for us to contact you!

Do not use this form for Spring into Cedarbrook or for Voyager Camp.

Online Registration for the Spring Weekend can be found here: Spring into Cedarbrook.
Online Registration for Voyager Camp can be found here: FULL!


Complete one registration form for each child. You will have to return to the registration page and click on the online registration link again to begin a new registration for each additional camper. If you wish, you may make one PayPal payment; just be sure to enter the correct amount for all your registrations.

Camp Fee: $240
(For registrations submitted (or postmarked) between April 1st and May 31st.
This cost includes the Registration Deposit.)

Early-Bird Discount: $20 off Camp Fee (For registrations submitted (or postmarked) no later than March 31st: Camp Fee=$220.)

Late Fee: $30
(For registrations submitted (or postmarked) after May 31st: Camp Fee=$270.)

Registration Deposit: $100 per child for each week attending
(The Registration Deposit is the first $100 of each camper's Camp Fee and is not in addition to the Camp Fee. The Registration Deposit must accompany each camper's registration and is non-refundable. Your child is not considered registered without receipt of the Registration Deposit.)

You must enter a valid email address for us to process your registration(s).

You will receive a confirmation packet in the mail.

Personal Information
Camper Name: Age:
Birthday: Grade in Fall:
Gender: Boy Girl
Name of Parent/Guardian: Home Address:
Home Phone: City:
Cell Phone: State:
Work Phone: Zip:
Parent Email:
Church you Attend: Church City:
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If yes, how did you hear about us? Radio
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Camp Fair

Check the camper's preferred tee-shirt size for their free CCO 2015 Camper Tee.

  Tee-shirt size: Youth Medium
Youth Large
Adult Small
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Adult Extra Large

Would you like to purchase a Cabin Photo for $5?

(If interested, please include with registration deposit.)

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Cabin mate preference
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Cabin mate grade in fall:

Check which week(s) you are applying for:

Week 1
        (July 9-15)

(Girls only: Grades 1-12)

Please select one option for Week 1

Girls Camp - Regular Camper
CILT 2 (must also sign up for week 2)
CILT 3 (regular camper fee; must also sign up for week 2 and precamp training)

Week 2  (FULL)
        (July 16-22)

  Please select week 1 or 3!

(Girls only: Grades 3-12)

Please check one option for Week 2

Girls Camp - Regular Camper
Outpost (Girls entering grades 10-12)
CILT 1 (must also sign up for week 3; CILT 1 Girls will also be on Outpost)
CILT 2 (must also sign up for week 1)
CILT 3 Internship (no fee; must also sign up for week 1 and precamp training)

Week 3
        (July 23-29)

(Girls: Grades 3-12)

(Boys: limited)

Please check one option for Week 3

Girls Camp - Regular Camper
CILT 1 Girls (must also sign up for week 2)

CILT 1 & 2 Boys (must also sign up for week 4; Boys CILTs 1-2 will be on outpost)
CILT 3 Boys (regular camper fee; must also sign up for week 4 and precamp training)
Boys Outpost (Boys entering grades 8-12)

Week 4 (FULL)
        (July 30 - August 5)

(Boys: Grades 3-12)

Please check one option for Week 4 - Boys Camp

Boys Camp - Regular Camper (WAIT LIST ONLY)
CILT 1 & 2 Boys (must also sign up for week 3)
CILT 3 Boys Internship (no fee; must also sign up for week 3 and precamp training)


Pre-Camp Training (July 5-8) — REQUIRED for CILT 3 GIRLS and BOYS Only (no additional cost)


  Horsemanship Classes
  (Grades 5-12)
  (No Voyagers)

Horses Week 1
Horses Week 2
Horses Week 3
Horses Week 4
Please note: Prepaid campers will be given priority. Please include $45 fee with registration deposit to avoid being closed out of Horsemanship Classes.
  .22 Rifle Program
  (Grades 7-12)
Riflery Week 1
Riflery Week 2
Riflery Week 3
Riflery Week 4
Due to the rising cost of ammunition, the Riflery Activity fee will now be $15/camper. If there is a chance that your child will be taking Riflery at CCO this year, please make sure that you bring enough money to cover the cost, as this fee is generally deducted from the camper's Tuck Account. Campers are not considered enrolled in Riflery until payment has been received.  Checking the box, does NOT enroll your camper in the class.
  Dietary Needs Fee Dietary Needs Week 1
Dietary Needs Week 2
Dietary Needs Week 3
Dietary Needs Week 4
Please contact the registrar with specific dietary needs; the camp kitchen is not prepared to meet all dietary needs or restrictions due to food allergies.
($25/weekplease include with registration deposit)


You have permission for my child to attend camp, participate in all camp activities, and receive emergency treatment if necessary. My child may be photographed and/or videotaped (unless otherwise indicated below) and pictures and/or video may be used for promotion and publication. I hereby release Cedarbrook Camp from any responsibility for injuries my child may sustain during his/her time at camp.

Please do not photograph or videotape my child.
*Please do not contact my child via email.
Payment and Signature

I am including a PayPal payment for $100/week to cover my childs non-refundable registration deposit. Please include a $2.50 PayPal fee.

Yes — The name on the credit card is:

No — I will mail a check to the Registrar

Please make check payable to: Cedarbrook Camp of Ohio

Mail to:

Elizabeth Wilsey
1585 Plantation Drive
Hudson, OH 44236