Should we worry about mosquitoes?

Cedarbrook Camp of Ohio is located outside, and we do have mosquitoes (who doesn’t?). This can be worrisome in an age of mosquito-borne diseases like the West Nile virus. (People with the highest risk to the West Nile virus are people over 50 years old.) We encourage campers to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants during the dusk hours when most of the mosquitoes like to go hunting. Also, you should send your camper with some kind of bug repellant. Consumer Reports has reported about which ones last the longest and work the best.  There are also mosquito magnets and other non-spray repellants.

What should we bring for the theme?

Excellent question. You need nothing special. If you wish, during 1st and 3rd week, we will have a pirate party!  You may bring pirate stuff!!  During 2nd week, we will have a luau!  Don’t forget to check out the What to Bring List from the Document Center in your UltraCamp menu.

What is Cedarbrook's philosophy and program emphasis?

We believe in helping everyone—campers and staff—grow to Christian maturity. It is easy to see God’s handiwork when you’re out in nature every day. We encourage campers to learn different skills or become more proficient in one they already know. We also encourage leadership among the campers and staff.

What is the counselor-to-camper ratio?

We follow the ACA guidelines to keeping our cabin groups small. We have a 1:6 ratio for campers going into grades 3-4. For campers going into grades 5-6, we have a 1:7 ratio and for the older campers, we have a 1:8 ratio. Usually we can do much better than this through co-counseling and the ratios can become as low as 1:4.

How are behavioral and disciplinary problems handled?

We have a set pattern to follow when a camper is a disciplinary problem. We sit down with the camper or campers to hear their side of the event, we brainstorm on how things could have gone better and why this wasn’t the best way to do things. Then we let them choose what they are going to do to correct their behavior. If this doesn’t work, we then bring in our trained director to help with other ideas. Rarely do we need to call home, but we do if they continue to have discipline problems.

How do we get to camp?

Check out our Map & Driving Directions page.

Does Cedarbrook require a physical examination?

Yes, we ask that every camper have a physical and that the parents fill out a medical form. It is very important to be honest and open about any special needs your child might have.

What training do counselors receive?

We follow ACA guidelines of 48 hours of training for our staff. We have an intense half-week of training during the days before camp starts.

What are the ages of the counselors?

We require counselors to be at least 18 years old. We try very hard to arrange new and younger counselors to be co-counselors with more experienced staff members. The only exception to the age rule is for our campers who have gone through the CILT program. This is an intense, three year training program on how to be a counselor. They graduate from our program highly trained and ready to counsel. We still try to pair everybody up for safety reasons and for more one-on-one time with the campers.

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