Voyager Camp

Voyager Camp is a half-week program designed specifically for girls (going into grades 1-4) to experience camp with an accompanying female adult. It’s like a mother-daughter, but more flexible. Aunts, Grandmas: you can come to camp with your niece or granddaughter.

The idea of going to ‘sleep-away’ camp can feel both exciting and scary to first-time campers. Cedarbrook Camp of Ohio has developed a minicamp experience to familiarize younger campers with our campsite, camp staff, and all the fun activities that make up summer camp at CCO.

Dates for Voyager Camp: Session 1: July 23-26; Session 2: July 26-29

Cost: $140 / Participant

And when do you show up? 4 pm Sunday/Wednesday

And when do you leave? 10 am Wednesday/Saturday

Voyager Camp is open to female Adult Campers of any age and accompanying female Little Campers who will be entering grades 1-4 in the fall.


Enjoy a variety of camp activities with your camper and other adults such as crafts, hiking, nature exploration, horseback riding, archery, and swimming.

Savor the time to connect with your camper while enjoying God’s creation.

Experience family-style meals with the rest of the camp in the dining hall and join in the singing.

Practice your camp craft skills while enjoying a supper cookout with your camper. S’mores included.

Join the staff for coffee and Bible study in the morning.

Relish in a little one-on-one free-time with your camper and some ‘me-time’ in the evening after lights out.

Experience the joy of sharing ‘Morning Watch’ (devotions) and Bible Exploration (Bible study time) with your camper.

Make memories at evening campfires as you laugh, sing, and end the day with a lesson from God’s Word.

Online Registration

Important: Registration for Cedarbrook Camp of Ohio is now Online Only! There’s no need to mail anything in to the registrar!

CCO is using an online registration system which we hope will make registrations for returning campers much simpler. Your paperwork and forms will be filled out online and saved under your profile in our new system so that all you have to do is make any necessary changes from year to year. This system will be used for Summer Camp—including Voyager Camp—and also for Spring into Cedarbrook.

If you already have an account from last year, you should be well on your way to mastering the process.

If you’re new to Cedarbrook, to begin you’ll need to click on the UltraCamp link below and create an account, then you’ll have to “Make a Reservation” to begin the registration process. Hopefully, the system will take you from A to Z with all you need to do and to fill out. However, since it’s new, there might be a few bugs. So please be patient. If you have questions, please contact the Registrar (info located above).

Register for Cedarbrook with UltraCamp.

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